Art. Made to fit

Made to fit, traditional, rustic...

  • purest natural fibers, Egyptian combed cotton
  • yarn-dyed

Finishing touches, Weave width and Standard width: look INFO

Tiroler WebkunstAbgepassttiroler Jacquardweberei in BruneckLeinenstoff aus Pustertaltiroler Baumwollgewebetraditionelle tiroler Stoffe
Tiroler Webkunst
tiroler Jacquardweberei in Bruneck
Leinenstoff aus Pustertal
tiroler Baumwollgewebe
traditionelle tiroler Stoffe

Art. Abgepasst (made to fit)

Finishing touches: fringes

Only available in these dimensions: 160x160cm, 160x200cm, 160x240cm, 160x280cm, 160x320cm.

All patterns are available in the complete range of colors.

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