Weaving loom

Shute by shute...

Our exquisite fabrics, renowned for their quality and variety, are manufactured on these looms. Here our classic linen and half-linen damask, our various qualities of cotton fabric as well as young, modern fabrics in finer yarn settings, appear inch by inch. All in the width of 55" (140cm) up to an extra width of 110" (280cm).

Tiroler Webkunsttiroler Stoffetiroler Jacquardweberei in BruneckSüdtiroler StoffeLeinenstoff aus Brunecktypische tiroler Stoffe aus Brunecktiroler Baumwollgewebe
Tiroler Webkunst
tiroler Stoffe
tiroler Jacquardweberei in Bruneck
Südtiroler Stoffe
Leinenstoff aus Bruneck
typische tiroler Stoffe aus Bruneck
tiroler Baumwollgewebe