Family history

Weavers since 1776...

Dating back to 1776, every generation of our family has been involved in the craft of weaving. This is the reason why our business has continued to prosper through all generations and is still family-owned today.

For generations, the FRANZ family has been a weaver family steeped in tradition. Since 1776, weaving has been our way of life, handed down from son to son without a break.

In 1776 in Warnsdorf, Sudetenland, our ancestor Josef FRANZ apprenticed as a weaver; his son Anton and in turn, his grandson Frederick continued in the weaving profession. In 1882, our grandfather, Josef FRANZ, was born as a son to Friedrich in Warnsdorf, Sudetenland. He spent his youth working at the parental loom during the day and attending a weaving school in his hometown in the evenings. There he became acquainted with the so-called Jacquard weaving technique.

The political and economic conditions in the former Sudetenland deteriorated and there was no more work. Josef FRANZ was forced to leave his beloved home.

Josef FRANZ had become friends with Georg Kaneider from Bruneck at the weaving school in Warnsdorf, and this led him to Bruneck around 1900. Here, he started to work at the handloom in Georg Kaneider's small weavery in Stegen.

Georg Kaneider moved to Kufstein a short while later, and the small weavery was closed.  Josef FRANZ founded the ARTISTIC WEAVING MILL FRANZ in Bruneck.

His special artistic and technical skills enabled him to replace the heddle loom, which was common at that time, with a Jacquard loom. Now he was able to produce novel patterned textiles, which were still largely unheard of at this time.

Within a short time, these novel and attractive fabrics became very popular and quickly gained national and international attention.

As the demand increased, the premises became too small. Thus, the artistic weavery FRANZ was relocated to the Pustertaler Hauptstrasse, now called Michael Parcher Strasse, in Bruneck. The weavery and its main store have remained at this location to this day.

Josef FRANZ taught the craft of weaving to his two sons Joseph and Siegfried.They both became master weavers that not only brought their craft and artistic skills into the business, but also a high sense for quality. Pattern, weave construction as well as color compositions are always designed in-house, but renowned South Tyrolean artists such as Pferschy, Hans Staffler, Professor Hofer, Milli Schmalzl and Elfie Widmoser have contributed to the diversity and radiance of the patterns with their wealth of ideas.

The fabrics of the artistic weavery FRANZ in Bruneck have become well-known.

Now we are working to preserve what has been achieved through the generations: the craft of weaving linen, cotton and wool into beautiful and valuable fabrics of renown quality. Thus, continuing a tradition passed down from father to son, but still able to adjust to the change of times.